සිංහල බෞද්ධ පාසැල- Sinhala Buddhist School

Adelaide Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihra affiliated Sinhala Buddhist School (Ethnic School) which is registered under the Ethnic Schools Association of South Australia, offers a comprehensive education program including linguistic and cultural components to children in the Sri Lankan and Non-Sri Lankan community.

The Sinhala Buddhist School takes part in numerous ASBV annual events including Sri Lankan Independence Day (February), Sri Lankan New Year Festival (April) and Sri Lankan Curry Night (June), and Katina Festival (October) and Ethnic Schools related events including Ethnic Schools Teachers Graduation Day and International Children’s Day, conducted by Ethnic Schools Association. These events attract many multicultural communities living in South Australia

Principal’s Message

Our curriculum is aimed at providing the richness of Sri Lankan cultural experiences.  Highly skilled teaching staff provides plenty of opportunities for students to learn in a vibrant and safe environment covering aspects of physical, social and emotional wellbeing of students.
We hope you enjoy your experiences at our school. 

Ven. UdagabbalaSumedhaThero, BA, MA