Adelaide Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara Inc. (ASBV) engages in a broad scale of social and cultural programs for the benefit of both Sri Lankan and non-Sri Lankan communities in South Australia.
ASBV also offers a comprehensive educational program, including linguistic, cultural and religious components to children in the community through the Sinhala Buddhist School, which is registered under the Ethnic Schools Association of South Australia. Moreover, aspiring to be a community hub in South Australia, ASBV extends a wide range of non-religious volunteer services, community awareness programs (e.g. Blood donation and Organ & Tissue Donation Program) and charity work (e.g., New Migrants and International student support programs, Community Emergency support programs etc.) and reaches out to the broader Australian community irrespective of their cultural, ethnic or religious dissimilarities in view of fostering cross cultural relationships and promoting multiculturalism in the state as well as the country at large.
ASBV is the overarching multicultural organisation, which works collaboratively with several Sri Lankan multicultural organisations in South Australia to foster cross-cultural relationships and organises major annual social and cultural events including Sinhala and Tamil New Year (April), Vesak Festival (May) Annual Sri Lankan Curry Night (June), Katina Ceremony (October) where over 1000 participants take part alongside hundreds of volunteers.
At Adelaide Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara Inc. (ASBV), we provide the following activities as a not-for-profit community organization but not limited to:

Sinhala & Tamil New Year Festival

Many countries in the world celebrate the new year in 1st of January. Yet there are several calendars around the world that celebrates different days to welcome New Year. In Sri Lanka, new year celebrations start on 13th of April and end in 14th of the month.

Vesak Ceremony

Vesak, also known as Buddha Jayanti, Buddha Purnima and Buddha Day, is a holiday traditionally observed by Buddhists. The festival commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and death of Gautama Buddha in Theravada.

Poson Ceremony

Poson, also known as Poson Poya, is an annual festival held by Sri Lankan Buddhists celebrating the arrival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka in the 3rd century BC. The festival is the most important Poya holiday of the year and the second most important Buddhist holiday of the year.

Katina Ceremony

Katina is a Buddhist festival which comes at the end of Vassa, the three-month rainy season retreat for Theravada Buddhists in many countries around the world.

Fund raising events

Events give donors and other community members the opportunity to engage with nonprofits in an active way, as opposed to simply giving a donation. Getting facetime with donors also gives organizations the chance to reiterate their mission and discuss ways people can get more involved in their work.