Restoring Meegahajandura Village Irrigation Tank systems to enhance rural livelihoods in Sri Lanka

As part of the Adelaide Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara’s (ASBV) unstinted commitment towards mother nation Sri Lanka, it is with great pleasure to inform you that we secured Australian Aid: Friendship Grants of $49,643 to restore the Meegahajandura cascading irrigation tank in Hambantota district in Sri Lanka.

The project has been designed and administered by the ASBV project team led by Dr Rasika Jayasekara (Project Manager) with Mrs Kumudini Silva (Project Coordinator), Dr Najith Amarasena (Project Secretary), Mr Chandra Herath (Project Accountant), Dr Sarath Senadeera, Dr Charitha Perera (Honorary Consul for Sri Lanka in South Australia) and Mr Udayanga Kandanarachchi.

This project is jointly managed by the ASBV and Na Sevana Community Development Centre in Sri Lanka which is led by Ven Dr Kirinde Assaji Thero. Na Sevana is a not-for-profit social organisation which has vast experience in the successful execution of community projects with the support and active involvement of the local communities. The ASBV will contribute $5000 for the project, you as members of the ASBV have the opportunity to join hands in the successful completion of the project.


 Project Factsheet
Development Goal: Clean Water and Sanitation
 900 years old cascading irrigation tank Improving rural livelihoods of more than 35,000 people  

 Drinking water, sanitation and environmental water management 

 Agricultural productivity Community-driven development (CDD) approach   Sustainable management mechanism  Capacity building  International collaboration  Trust and Friendship! 




  The project is supported by the Australian
Government through an Australian Aid: Friendship Grant