Adelaide Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara Inc – Management Committee 2016-2017

The administrative affairs of the ASBV are managed by the Committee of Management. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the ASBV Inc. was successfully concluded on 6 August 2016 at the ASBV premises with the unanimous selection of the following members as office bearers for 2016/17 financial year.

Dr Rasika Jayasekara President Tel: 0421867133
Dr. S Sooriyabandara Secretary Tel: 83333237
Mr. Chandra Herath Treasurer Tel: 72262344
Mr. Sumith Priyantha Vice President Tel: 0418663739  
Mr. Dasuntha Dinesh Asst. Secretary Tel: 0420637939  
Dr. Najith Amarasena Committee Member Tel: 82612582  
Mr. Hiran Senaratne Committee Member Tel: 0430230673  
Mr. Indika Udugampola Auditor    

Previous ASBV Committee of Management – 2015-2016

Dr Rasika Jayasekara President
Mr. Chandra Herath Secretary
Dr. Sujith Hattotuwa Treasurer
Mr. Sumith Priyantha Vice President
Dr. S Sooriyabandara Asst. Secretary
Dr.Najith Amarasena Committee Member
Dr. Sarath Senadeera Committee Member
Mr. Indika Udugampola Auditor