Please see the blood donation campaign we have organized from ASBV for commemorating Vesak this year. It is one of the precious things you can give and will accumulate immense kusal during these unprecedented times. 
There is a dire need for blood and less blood donations due to prevailing COVID-19 situation. People die not getting blood and COVID-19 is not the only killer. Now you can save lives. Please scroll down to see the booking slots in the following mail and let us know when you would like to donate so we can book you in. 
Please contact Soori on 0420-824-350, Namal on 0414-602-440, and Dasuntha on 0420-637-939 for further information.
Kindly note this will be on a first come first serve basis. We thank all the previous donors for the overwhelming response we got in the last few years.
Please watch this short video by clicking this link Why should we donate blood?
Time Donation Type
08.00 AM Whole Blood
08.15 AM Whole Blood
08.30 AM Plasma
08.30 AM Whole Blood
08.45 AM Whole Blood
09.30 AM Plasma
10.00 AM Whole Blood
10.15 AM Whole Blood
10.30 AM Plasma
10.30 AM Whole Blood
10.45 AM Whole Blood
11.30 AM Plasma
11.45 AM Whole Blood
12.15 PM Whole Blood
12.30 PM Whole Blood