1.  ASCH shall be open from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm (operational hours) on all days.

  2.  ASCH shall be used during the operational hours provided that:
    i) ASCH is available and not being used by the ASBV
    ii) Purpose of the use should be non-religious and restricted to committee meetings, community gatherings and cultural activities
    iii) The user shall make a request to the Secretary, ASBV at least one month prior to the use
    iv) The Secretary, ASBV shall check the availability and send the application form to the user
    v) The applicant shall pay the donation, attach with the completed application form and return to the Secretary, ASBV
    vi) The Secretary, ASBV shall book the hall and send the approval in writing to the user
  3. ASBV management committee has the sole authority in the management of the ASCH and in the event of any dispute in relation to the approval of application, the decision of the ASBV management committee shall be final.

  4. The users of the ASCH and their visitors should leave the carpark before 10 pm in a quiet manner to minimise the disturbances to the neighbours.

  5. Maximum capacity of the congregation shall not exceed 200 persons.

  6. The user must:
    i) ensure that proper care taken of the facilities of the ASCH and the building is kept secure during the time of use
    ii) ensure that the neighbours, monks and other users of the ASBV premises including the place of worship buildings are not disturbed while using the ASCH.
    iii) be aware that smoking and consuming alcohol are strictly prohibited anywhere in the premises
    iv) ensure that all food brought in to the premises is vegetarian
    v) ensure that the facilities are left in the condition that they were in at the commencement of the use, including by:
    a) returning any furniture and equipment moved during the use of the facilities to the position they were in prior to the use
    b) making certain that the facilities are left clean and tidy
    c) removing all garbage piled up during the use
    vi) switch off the power, lights and air conditioner before leaving
    vii) ensure that all external doors and windows locked before leaving
    viii) be aware that loss of the issued key/s will incur replacement and re-keying costs to the user
    ix) promptly repair any damage caused to the facilities or other property as a result or in any way connected with use of the facilities by the user, at user’s expense
  7. Car parks
    i) Shall be used as sign posted in designated areas. If there are no car parks available on site, parking on the James Street and Shurdington road is not allowed and the Park-n-ride below the temple at the roundabout should be used.
    ii) Parking spaces accessed via Mount Street shall only be used by the ASBV management committee members.
    iii) Parking shall not obstruct the driveways of neighbours or other uses/vehicles
  8. Toilet facilities located in the place of worship building shall be utilized by users as sign posted ensuring that
    i) due respect is observed when entering the place of worship building by removing footwear including shoes, slippers and thongs and head-wear including caps and hats and keeping silence
    ii) monks, devotees and other users of the place of worship building are not disturbed
    iii) no other facilities except the toilets in the place of worship building are used
    iv) lights in the toilets are switched off and the facilities are left clean and tidy after use
    If the above booking is approved, I hereby understand and agree to comply in all respects with these Conditions of Hire.

Application for the use of Adelaide Sri Lanka Cultural Hub