Adelaide Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara is planning to organize a meeting with youth (18 and beyond) intending to explore ways of engaging them in religious and cultural activities at the temple. ASBV views this as an opportunity to open discussions with the younger generation, who will eventually be the next line of leaders to take forward the spiritual and cultural mission of the temple to the future. 
It is expected to understand views of our youth and better ways of engaging them at their own phase. Hence, we kindly request families to encourage youth (18 and beyond) to participate in this meeting as much as possible.
Date: Friday – 22/01/2021 
Time: 6:30 – 7:30 pm
Venue: – Cultural Hall – ASBV
6:30pm – Observing pansil, brief anushasana by Ven. Udagabbala Sumedha Thero
6:40pm – Explaining present administrative functions and activity plans by the President – Temple Committee
6:45pm – Explaining annual dhamma activities by a member of Daham Kawaya
6:50pm – Open consultation with participants to understand how they engage with temple activities now, what do they expect from the temple and how they can engage better