Several volunteer Theravada Buddhist monks from Sri Lanka have been residing in the temple since its establishment. Currently there are two Theravada Buddhist monks from Sri Lanka residing in the temple and volunteering their service to conform not only the mundane and also spiritual religious necessities of both Sri Lankan and non-Sri Lankan Buddhist community living in Adelaide.

Venerable Shasthrapathi Udagabbala Sumedha Thero, BA MA

Venerable Udagabbala Sumedha Thero is the Chief Incumbent of Adelaide Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara. He has so far been the longest serving volunteer resident monk of the ASBV having resided in the temple continuously since 2000 and relentlessly serving the community. Venerable U Sumedha Thero is also the Principal of the Ethnic School, Sinhala Buddhist School, which is registered  under the Ethnic Schools Association of South Australia, SA and affiliated with the Ethnic Schools Association, SA and renders a relentless service in promoting Sri Lankan culture and Sinhala language in particular and multiculturalism of Australia in general among children.